Susan Sandler wows audiences & inspires action


Susan Sandler wows audiences & inspires action

Fear-buster, gifts whisperer & way-finder, I guide people in midlife to discover clarity & purpose, & take the brave steps that will bring their dreams to life.

Fear-buster, gifts whisperer & way-finder, I guide people in midlife to discover clarity & purpose, & take the brave steps that will bring their dreams to life.

“Of the thousands of speakers we’ve worked with over the years, Susan Sandler is in the top 1%.

Hire her now while you can afford her.

Michael Port
Co-Founder, Heroic Public Speaking Worldwide


Susan Sandler is an inspiration to women teaching us to push past our fears and step into our greatness.

Susan spoke at two meetings of an association of women entrepreneurs that I manage.

She has a brilliant way of captivating an audience that has you sitting on the edge of your seat. Susan will make you laugh, cry, think about your life from a new perspective and you leave her ready to take on any challenge the world brings to you.

My life is better for having met Susan.

Megan Weisheipl
Managing Director, Polka Dot Powerhouse

Susan Sandler not only entertained our event attendees but engaged them at a soulful level.

We laughed. We cried. We connected.

I can't recommend Susan and her performance of WINGS any more highly.

Mike Michalowicz

When Susan speaks, audiences listen, and what they hear is impactful - funny, provocative, and inspiring.

Susan makes me want to be a better version of myself.

Her take on the role of mental health in her family's journey and her own is perceptive and courageous.

Tara Rolstad
Speaker, Writer, Mental Health Advocate

Susan Sandler is a master storyteller with a message we all need to hear.

She's powerful and compelling, with a heart the size of Manhattan. Susan is the real deal.

D'Arcy Webb
Speech Diva

Susan Sandler is one of the best speakers on the planet! She knows how to command an audience and move them.

Susan brings a powerful message alive with her ability to deliver a story that impacts every audience member. Susan had the audience laughing and crying and most of all making transformations.

As a producer who hears many speakers each year, I have to say I haven't seen anyone who is a captivating as Susan.

Terri Levine
Heartrepreneur LLC

Susan created an experience that allowed the audience to connect with her, then with themselves and then with one another.

In only an hour.

I hired Susan to speak at two events I organized for women.

Afterward, they wanted more Susan and more opportunities for deep conversation and community.

Whether in a group or one-on-one, Susan is such a positive force, fostering belief in the possibility of self-growth and the power of closing doors and opening windows.

I have been personally inspired and motivated by her. She will have you embracing the wonder of an evolving world.

Mary Swan Braverman
Investment Advisor

Susan's speeches are like conversations that leave you feeling elevated, with more confidence and energy to take your life to the next level.

Her bold and creative way of looking at life is an inspiration for those of us letting our fears and insecurities hold us back.

Dr. Theo Tsaousides
Neuropsychologist, Speaker, Author

Susan Sandler is a beacon, shining her light to help us find our way back to self.

As she shares her own journey in WINGS, our own paths to authentic living are illuminated.

Her powerful stories and wisdom inspire and empower us to follow her example, face our fears, and reclaim our voice.

AJ Harper
Book Editor, Playwright

Our speaker Susan Sandler was so fabulous, helping us learn to face our fears and live like Miriam.

How do you know it was a great connect? When the meeting ends and not a single person rises from their chairs for 20 minutes because the conversations are flowing, the relationships are building and the energy is intoxicating. And every guest attendee becomes a member.

Jessica Barnak
Managing Director, Polka Dot Powerhouse

I was touched, moved and inspired by last night's gathering.

Your mom's story and the way you shared it really opened my heart to what's possible. You created an environment in which people felt comfortable sharing their truths and that enabled me to share my own. Even though most of us were strangers, we formed a strong bond. I now know what has been holding me back and what I need to do to move forward. I don't want our new community to end! I'm ready to receive support and to support others.

Pamela Elaine Nichols
Speaker, Author

Susan Sandler’s speech is nothing short of amazing: her performance is inspirational, powerful and courageous.

Her voice is warm and engaging as she pulls back the curtain to reveal a story of perseverance and triumph in the face of deep-rooted challenges that many of us encounter but often try to ignore. In my heart, I’ve always known what I needed to do to become an even better leader in my organization and community. Now, after hearing Susan’s story, I have more than enough courage to tackle my challenges head on.

Rick Petry
CEO, Lucky Dog Media

I was riveted.

Susan’s voice is just incredible...the deep resonances, the eerie bits, the joy, the authenticity. I keep hearing her voice in my mind a day later. And it feels like a blessing and an inspiration. Thank you, Susan, for punching your fear in the face for all of us.

Clementina Tortora Esposito
The Clementina Collective

Susan’s unforgettable story held me spellbound from the opening line.

This honest and courageous performance redefines 'ordinary' and challenges once and for all our beliefs about what is possible for each and every one of us.

Tony Maree Torrey
Synergy Zone™ Founder & Creator

I've had the luxury of hearing Susan speak -- and have walked away several times shaken up and ready to take on the world.

As a consultant, workshop leader, and speaker -- Susan Sandler is the real deal and every organization and leader who has the chance to work with her should jump in.

Mike Ganino
Speaker & Cultural Brand Architect

Three words: powerful, funny and encouraging.

 Susan is a master storyteller, and this is a humdinger of a story. With a plot twist that will make you smile, cry and stand up to cheer, Susan shares how one woman's seemingly small goals put her in a position to achieve things that changed her family's life forever. Susan helps you realize there is nothing to fear except what you might miss by not trying.

Monica Tarr
Bennett Bay Consulting

Susan will make you laugh and put a lump in your throat.

She is thoughtful and insightful. She will use her life’s events and talent as a performer to inspire you. You will lose yourself in her words. Enjoy this wonderful ride with Susan!

Ellen Latham
Founder, Orangetheory Fitness®

Her style is extremely engaging and passionate and her message is inspirational and moving. ‪

Throughout my four decades in business I’ve interacted with hundreds of consultants and speakers. I’ve developed an extremely critical set of eyes and ears. I proclaim without any pause or hesitation that Sue Sandler is probably the best speaker I’ve witnessed and I’ve seen many.

Steve Horner
Principal Horner & Associates, Executive Coach

So very inspirational!

I was so enthralled with the story, and was captivated with the passion in which she told it! I just listened to it again and got goosebumps! I just turned 50 this year, so it really hit home with me on many levels!!!

I'm sharing her talk with all my friends!!! 

Tracey Good Jowers

Susan's talk is critically relevant to anyone who has ever wanted to live a larger life, but found themselves limited by either inner or outer circumstances.

Susan’s family and their tales make for great entertainment and poignant insight.

Lowry Olafson
Musician, Workshop Leader

What a wonderful and inspiring performance: full of insight and courage. I am moved.

Diane Hessan
CEO, C Space

We have to get started living our lives now - and Susan’s story will inspire you to do so.

Angelia Moon Jones
Executive Director, Cerebral Palsy Center

I was inspired by your presentation.

It is truly the story of strength and hope that I was looking for when I was in the process of making a life-altering decision.I took a real leap of faith, not knowing if life would be better on the other side. My hope is that your message will inspire other women like me to have a voice and make changes.



Susan is a gifted and insightful coach and thinking partner.

She has a warm and engaging personality that makes people feel comfortable to open up and share.

Susan has an incredible ability to help people crystallize their thinking so they can clarify their goals and objectives and create more powerful strategies and action plans.

She is a critical thinker who empowers others to actualize their visions.

Barbara Shaiman
Founder & President, Champions of Caring

Susan has an amazing ability to listen deeply to not only what is said but to the feelings behind the words.

She is skillful at discerning what has been left unsaid that is both relevant and may be troubling. Her knowledge of adult learning techniques and ability to keep her own ego in check enable her to find the best techniques and approaches to help others.

Sylvia Ferrell-Jones
Former President & CEO, YWCA Boston

If you want to work with someone who combines a sharp mind and a big heart, Susan Sandler is your person.

The best word I can use to describe Susan’s impact is “elevate.” Using her intuition, perceptiveness, and deep knowledge of the human spirit, Susan helps clients and audiences elevate.

A conversation with Susan  leaves you with more knowledge about yourself, with more confidence about your pursuit, and with more energy to push through. You will feel elevated and ready to take your life to the next level.

Her bold and creative way of looking at life is an inspiration for those of us who are letting our fears, doubts, and insecurities hold us back.

Dr.Theo Tsaousides
Neuropsychologist, Speaker, Author

Susan is able to show empathy, warmth and caring in a rather short period of time.

She is able to build that type of rapport quickly and validate feelings while at the same time asking just the right questions to nudge in the right direction. Perfect balance of understanding and pushing for growth.

Jennifer Harkins
Clinical Practitioner, Center for Health Care Services

There are lots of folks out there who hang their shingle and are available to consult.

But with Sue, it’s so much more.

Sue listens with her whole being. She makes you feel like the most listened to person on the planet.

She is a critical thinker who empowers others to actualize their visions.

Sandy Maskell
Senior Director, United Way of NYC

You helped me gain clarity and get my confidence back.

You helped me forgive myself and love myself. I am at peace.

Lunice Jules

Work with Susan Sandler and you'll see yourself in a whole new way.

Michael Port
Co-Founder, Heroic Public Speaking Worldwide

Susan’s ability to get right down into the emotional aspects of a conversation is truly remarkable and the reason why people inherently trust her.

Not only because she says the right words and listens well, but they can feel and see how much she cares for them at that moment. For instance, the very first time we met I knew I could trust her and opened up a conversation that I don’t ever really talk about.

John Harrison
CEO, Cybexa

There is no pretense. 

My favorite quote is from the Little Prince: 'It is only with the heart that one sees rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.'

That is what is special about Susan. She is genuine, open, positive and honest. Listening is a lost art.

Jan Glick
CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh

Susan Sandler is the real deal and every one who has the chance to work with her should jump in.

Susan has that uncanny ability to help you dig deep, find the thing - skill, message, slight edge -  and then begin using that to get where you want.

Mike Ganino
Speaker & Cultural Brand Architect

Sue truly impacted my development as a manager and peer.

As I began serving in a new managerial role, I had the privilege of being coached by Sue.

Her thoughtful questions, patient responses, and appropriate challenges pushed me to move beyond what I thought I could do with new confidence and a sense of clarity.

Cerigyn Parsons
CM Consulting Group

Sue has a genuine curiosity which lends to her ability to quickly become a trusted advisor and effective coach.

I have observed Sue facilitating groups during change management discussions and worked with her one on one in my own professional development. She is thoughtful and strategic.

Hilary Fenders
Implementation Consultant, Tyler Technologies

Sue is an amazing listener and coach.

Her intellect, patience and insight, is a gift that she passionately shares with others.

Those who have worked with Sue often describe the experience as 'transformational and life-changing'.

Steve Horner
Executive Coach

Working with Susan Sandler has been life changing. Not kidding.

I came to her with the desire to give a TED talk and within a year, I was on the TEDx stage, giving my talk to a sellout crowd and a standing ovation. Susan helped me identify my message, shape my talk, and get to the experience through her wisdom and connections.

Now that my talk is over, the work continues--and she's helping me to build the tools I need to be a successful author and speaker, generously providing access to the knowledge and people she knows - of which there are MANY - to support my success.

Susan listens like you're the only person in the crowd and delivers feedback in a way that is powerful. Your win is her win and you'll feel that.

A warrior in her own right, trail blazer, big sister, and extraordinary woman, she's strong, smart, authentic, honest, compassionate, and kind, and there for you every step of the way.

If you take her advice and work hard, you'll get wherever you want to go. Work with her! Now! Do it!

Jill Sherer-Murray
Author, Speaker

“A visual representation of how one feels after talking with Susan Sandler for any period of time!

Sarai Johnson
Owner & Principal Consultant, Lean Nonprofit



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Ready to move toward your dreams? Learn how. Get my FREE Fear-busters Guide: 'Fear is Giving You Bad Advice. Punch It In the Face.'



Thanks for joining my inner circle of Wings fear-busters! Your link to my Fear-Busters Guide is on the way. Be sure to add to your approved contacts list.

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